E-Cigarettes and Smokers

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Not all tobacco cigarette smokers use e-cigarettes as well but most of the e-cigarette users are either smokers or ex-smokers. Although it had for a long time been known that smoking cigarettes could be hazardous to your health, it was only much more recently discovered that smoke could be hazardous to the people around a smoker. It was this more recent discovery that prompted governments to ban smoking in many of their buildings and many other organizations followed their lead. This meant that smokers found themselves with times or in places where they could not smoke and they began to crave a cigarette more frequently. Many smokers turned to e-cigarettes, which have not been banned, to relieve those cravings and in many instances they worked, for some people e-cigarettes even relieved their cravings well enough for the smoker to stop using tobacco cigarettes all together but that is more the exception than the rule and so e-cigarette companies like Jacvapour do not claim that using e-cigarettes can stop you smoking however, evidence shows that they may help. Some of these smokers that have decided to try e-cigarettes have found an additional benefit and that is that using e-cigarettes is cheaper than smoking, especially is they use a Jacvapour discount code download or similar sort of discount. E-cigarettes and how to properly use them does however, take some getting used to and so most smokers will start with a starter kit which are provided by many of the e-cigarette companies. These starter kits are easy to used and contain everything that is needed to start using e-cigarettes. The actual devices in a starter kit are a little smaller than the more commonly used ‘pens’ but as they are similar in size to tobacco cigarettes, they are familiar to the smokers. The smaller devices, referred to as minis, found in a starter kit do however, have smaller batteries than the pens and so need more frequent recharging. As the frequent recharging of the minis can be an inconvenience, many people switch to using the pens as soon as they have learned the intricacies of e-cigarettes, affording them the convenience of not having to recharge batteries as frequently. An added advantage of switching from minis to pens is that it can be cheaper. The minis found in the starter packs, often have replaceable containers for e-liquids and although these replacements are easy, they are more expensive than refilling a container yourself with e-liquids bought in bulk. There are of course many pens available and some do come with replacement containers but most today, come with refillable containers, not only allowing the user to buy e-liquids in bulk but also allowing them to mix different flavours together, creating their own unique flavour. Larger devices are also available and many of these, as well as having refillable e-liquid container, also have adjustable temperature controls allowing the user to determine what strength of vapour they wish t have but these are only recommended for experienced e-cigarette users.

What You Must Find Out When Selecting Image Editing Software

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Are you a digital photographer? Are you searching for ways to deliver high-quality images to your clients? Well, you should know that you can now avail of advanced image editing software to create the perfect photos that your clients will certainly adore. You can simply view Free Photoshop to find out more about the practical features of image editing software. You can also check out other types of image editing software to suit your needs and preference.

If you are a digital photographer and want to always deliver outstanding quality photos to your clients, you should try to use the best image editing software. You need to make the best choice. There are several things that you must find out before finally choosing the software that you will use. First and foremost, you should try to see whether the software maker is a reputable maker or not. Yes. The caliber of the image editing software that you use actually entirely depends on the reputation of its makers. What is the use of using free image editing software if it is made by a non-reputable maker? That is why you have to check if many professionals approve the image editing software maker or not at all. You will know about this if you check out the reviews online. There you will find out about the reviews of professional users. You can learn how to tell if the image editing software is made by a very good maker or not by the reviews of the professional users. Second, you should try to check the quality of the image editing software. You can ask some digital photographers, designers, 3D artists, web professionals or video professionals for advice. They will be glad to give some advice and to share what they know about the various types of image editing software. You can actually learn a lot from them. More often than not, if the professionals recommend a certain type of image editing software, you can benefit from using such type of software. You can get something good from using it. However, if they do not recommend a certain type of image editing software at all, there is actually no reason for you to use such type of software at all. Hence, try to listen carefully to the advice of the professionals and experts.

Third, you should find out about the various features of the image editing software. It is very important that you are able to check the features of the software beforehand. You should try to see if the features are suitable for your professional needs or not. Oftentimes, some features are not even practical enough. Last, you should check the price of the image editing software. The price of the image editing software may vary, depending on its maker and features. It is then up to you to decide which software to choose. However, if you are just starting out, you can simply opt for free image editing software that you can download easily.

Why is Lyft and Other Ride Sharing Apps a Unique Concept?

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The increasing population worldwide has growing needs. The need to travel is among the top priorities of people who are going to work or attending events for recreational purpose. Public transportation has always been an option for a lot of people. But let’s admit that public transportation may not always be the best option.

This is the reason why people stick to having their own cars. Having your own car is simple in some parts of the world. A lot of individuals today can simply have a car loan. What you want to realize is that having your own car can actually be expensive.
You’ll need to consider the maintenance cost, cost of gas and other expenses out there. This is the reason why you get to see a lot of ridesharing applications today. What is a ridesharing app? Ridesharing apps make use of private individual’s cars. Here, you could get a ride to your destination for a reasonable price.

Why is ride sharing such a unique concept?
For instance, this could help decrease the traffic in a given area. Could you imagine people who would use ridesharing apps instead of getting their own car? Also, let’s admit that people now use mobile phones. Smart phones are becoming a norm for almost everyone. For an Average Joe to connect to his or her smart phone is easy.

Another reason why a lot of people are looking at both Uber and Lyft as a great alternative to taxi business is due to the fact that it is convenient to use. You can also have the peace of mind given the stringent screening process that Uber and Lyft drivers have to go through.

It is also a must that these drivers have their own insurance before they could even start with Uber or Lyft. This provides customers the peace of mind if they are really looking for an alternative way to travel.

If you want to try the ridesharing apps, you can also have a free try. This is something that a lot of people love about Uber and Lyft. You can have discounts at your fingertips. To get lyft first ride free, you could have the coupon code to your mobile phone and you can already go wherever you want to go.

No regulations
There are a lot of countries that still don’t have the laws to keep up with both Uber and Lyft. In fact, it falls on a grey area. This is the reason why the taxi industry is now on its feet. The taxi industry is losing business because of ridesharing apps. For most people, they are only trying things that work to their advantage which is why Lyft and Uber are two successful companies today.

It is here to stay
Why is ridesharing here to stay? The concept is really unique, not to mention it benefits a lot of individuals. Could you imagine seeing yourself working with your own car? This means an extra income for someone who just bought his car. And because of this business, people may also opt to not have their own car because people are signed up with a ridesharing app.

Are You Having Trouble Getting Network Reception for Your Mobile Device?

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So you have a brand new top of the line smartphone? You are definitely one lucky person as such a device will be able to provide you with a lot of entertainment as well as allow you to be connected and do a lot of tasks digitally. However, if your area is not receiving great levels of network coverage then you will find that your expensive and powerful device will not be as useful as you would have thought it would be. Poor signal reception can mean unsent messages, the inability to make calls or if you are indeed able to make calls then it is highly possible that calls can be quite choppy or can even be dropped now and then. Also, it is possible that you will not be able to take advantage of your network’s mobile internet which can be quite the hassle if you have online work or apps to do but you do not have Wi-Fi or any other internet connection in your home.

A good solution to this issue of not having great network coverage in your area would be to get a signal booster or a signal amplifier. A signal amplifier is also called a cellular repeater and what this does is that it boosts the network signal to the mobile phone or smartphone as well from the device to the network. This results in messages that are sent and received accordingly, calls that are clear and stable as well as mobile internet signals that are stable and fast.

What’s great about this solution to the lacking signal problem in your home or office is that it is a very convenient solution that will work virtually anywhere where there is a hint of network coverage. Also, getting a cellular booster is a much more convenient solution when compared to having to switch to a different mobile network provider just to get the signal that you need.

Now you will have to understand that not all signal boosters are made equally and that there are signal boosters that perform worse than others. If you are looking for a website or a source of cellular signal boosters that are guaranteed to drastically increase the network coverage quality in your area then Wilson Amplifiers is the brand that you will want to pick. Wilson Amplifiers is a veteran in the signal boosting industry and has been offering such products for many years now. Over the years, the company has continued to refine their already amazing products and now, you will be able to enjoy a stronger signal in places where network coverage can be very spotty.

What’s also great about Wilson Amplifiersis that they offer a wide range of amplifiers from more professional or enterprise related signal boosters all the way to home or even mobile use signal amplifiers that supports the latest technologies such as 4G internet boosting.

Visit their website at Cell Phone Booster options for more information on which tie of Wilson signal amplifier will be able to best suit your network coverage boosting needs.

Are you considering buying overstock?

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The area of overstock products is one that has become slightly debatable over the years. Overstock occurs when the store has too many of a product. This could be from something as simple as genuine over-buying of a range, or it could mean that the store wants to clear the product from the shelves. This could occur because of stock redundancy, or simply clearing old versions of products to stock the new. Whatever, the scope is certainly there to pick up great deals.

Overstock buying, however, rarely occurs through the retailer. Mostly, other vendors- often with online bases- buy up these overstocked products for next to nothing, then make cash selling it back to the public at discounted prices. There’s big online retailers specializing in this new form of online shopping wherever you go online these days.

What do I need to know?
You should, of course, be very careful with overstock produce. While you can get fabulous deals at discounts so deep you simply won’t believe it, not all stock is created equally. You will need to do your homework about where the stock came from and why it is being sold. Most overstock will be new, but some may be last season’s clearance or similar, and you need to be happy with what you’re getting.

What should I look for when buying?
On which note, make sure you are well acquainted with the returns policy for the site. Mostly, you’re buying ‘as is’ and will not have return capacity, so if you need this, be sure to search out a vendor that offers returns instead. Equally, be familiar with the cancellation policy. You’re not likely to be offered a long term cancellation policy on the product either, so you need to know the terms and be happy with them before submitting your order.

Don’t forget to consider the shipping price when deciding if an overstock product is for you. The whole point of buying overstock is to ensure that you get something cheaper than you would have expected to. If the shipping adds a ton of unexpectedness to the equation, what’s the point? Be sure to do a comparison with retail.

How can I pay for my overstock purchases?
Most online overstock retailers will need you to use a credit card for payment. If you’re truly not comfortable paying with your card, you are going to need to investigate brick and mortar stores and look for overstock deals where you can be present in person. Almost none will offer cash on delivery options.

Can I get a further discount?
There are some great couponing sites out there which offer the possibility for even more discount on your overstock product. You can view overstock promo code via the linked site, or sit down and search through Google for other options.

Overall, overstock can be a great way to get superb discounts on products you want, but you need to do your homework and be happy with the process.

Competing Vacuums

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When it comes to vacuum cleaners there is a wide variety to choose from as many different companies are competing to get your business. Of course the ideal vacuum cleaner which is lightweight, mobile and effective at cleaning perfectly both wet and dry messes is possibly not yet available and so the different companies vie to get your interest in just one or two of these factors and convince you that theirs are the best. There are some companies that recognize that different vacuums are required for different tasks though and so for example, top Miele vacuum reviews will show a variety of different vacuums that are available, allowing you to choose the one which is best suited for your particular needs. Some other brands though, specialize in providing what they hope will be the lightest vacuum or perhaps the most mobile at least. Still other brands hope that the introduction of new technology into their models will attract the buyers.

At the end of the day though, it is you that is the only one that knows the exact cleaning problems that you may face and so it will be personal preference that results in which vacuum is bought. At least though now, you have a choice as, although at the beginning of the 20th century there was a choice between two, both were smelly, heavy, noisy and not at all suitable for most households. At that time the choices were between one patented by John Thurman from the USA in 1899 and one patented by Hubert Cecil Booth of the UK in 1901. Both of these were horse drawn and powered by gasoline. The electric powered vacuum cleaner was not patented until 1907 when it was patented by James Spangler, an Ohio janitor. This first electric vacuum cleaner received limited success but was enough to enable Spangler to create the Electric Suction Sweeper Company which he sold in 1908 to the husband of one of his cousins. The buyers name was William Hoover who established it as the Hoover Company. The sales of the vacuum cleaners continued to be mediocre until in 1919 they introduced a bar into the design which enabled them to create the slogan “It beats as it sweeps as it cleans”, a very successful campaign which resulted in, even today, vacuums in the UK to be referred to as hoovers, regardless of the name of the machine.

There have been several new innovations to the vacuum machines since those days including disposable bags, enhanced filters and lighter materials being used in their production and Dyson have now introduced bag less dual cyclone machine which are proposed to be more effective and cleaner.

Regardless of what type, brand or model people may buy, as a whole vacuums have become very popular with at least one being in every household throughout the country. With so many being bought, it is understandable that so many companies are trying to make them but at the end of the day, it is only you that will know which is the best particular one for you.

Why do I need to unlock my Garmin maps?

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Many of us have a Garmin device, be it for the car, bike or for walking tours. And it can be incredibly frustrating to find you have to faff about online getting unlock codes. However, the unlock code has become a necessary evil over time, due to unscrupulous map use.

Maps are expensive to produce. Not only is there a lot of man hours involved in getting the geographical data needed for them, but there’s also a ton of software development and data management needed in order to load the addresses and point s of interest. Plus the software development in them. Older Garmin devices, used to a world in which GPS had not embraced all the ramifications of the move mobile, were easy to copy over between new devices, due to the fact that they were fully unlocked. As GPS become more and more mobile, the need to be able swap maps to suit your new terrain or travels was, of course, the priority, so they couldn’t simply prevent you from transferring the maps.

This has been got around in more modern incarnations of the Garmin devices by requiring an unlock code. This code is generated when you enter the serial number of your device into the unlock wizard, so it’s unique to you, and can only be used once, In effect, it locks the map set to your device. You can on- and off-load the maps as much as is convenient to you, so long as they go back onto the original device only. The best way to go about generating your unlock code is through the unlock wizard in MapSource, as the one on the website can be a little tricky to navigate to and from if you’re not wholly used to the site.

The problems come in, of course, when you want to transfer the map set to another of your Garmin devices, and can’t. Remember, the maps are locked to the serial number of your gadget. Unfortunately, this requires the purchase of another unlock key. This can be a frustrating thing to have to deal with, of course, as we feel that those maps are legitimately ours already. Sadly, the older policy of providing 2 unlock codes per device was junked due to abuse from users a few years ago, and now the rule is one unlock code per product. If you do have older maps, however, be sure to double check if you are entitled to one of those extra codes you may have forgotten about or not know about.

At least if you’re looking to buy new map sets for your device, Garmin discount code savings are quite easy to find out there on the net. Be sure to take a browse and see if you can reduce your liability for the set you want.

If there’s one thing it’s vital to learn when dealing with unlock codes, is that you need to make sure you have a backup of them available. You don’t want to be hit having to purchase a new code because you lost the old one. Use your MyGamin account, and keep a physical backup somewhere convenient too.

Digital rights management in general is one of those arenas making legitimate users of goods a little angry. Sadly, the measures that have been taken are a result of people’s previously unscrupulous behaviors, however, and it’s somewhat understandable why these measures now exist.

Ride Better Right Now

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In this day and age, even if you live far from your workplace or wish to arrive to distant locations, it’s now possible for you to get to where you want to go to on time and with the least amount of effort. That’s because there are numerous vehicles that you could take to get to places. Now, you don’t really have to take planes and ride boats just so you could visit areas safely. By just getting on transportation vehicles, it’s now possible for you to reach places with the utmost ease. Even though you may have to encounter things like detours, traffic and the likes, you could travel by land without arriving late to your destination. In order for you to know some of the travel techniques that could be of assistance to you, please continue with what are written below.

Even if you don’t have a vehicle of your own, you could get to places by just riding public transportation vehicles. Now, there are taxi and public transit services that are willing to accept passengers and have them delivered to wherever they want to go to. But, to really make the most out of these, you should plan your route first. Since most of the public vehicles don’t really deliver passengers to exact locations, you should plan where, when and how you would transfer from one vehicle to another. If you could take shortcuts then you definitely should, likewise. Take note that not all directions that are typically advised by experts are the best routes to take.

For you not to be compelled to fall in long lines just so you could get yourself travel passes, you could try buying tickets in advance. You could go to ticket sellers and book for travel accommodation ahead of time so that you would be able to take vehicles right away when they’re available. Likewise, when you do make advance payments, you could also avail of discounts plus pay for discounted prices. This is the approach that you should go for if you wish to have guaranteed seats when you travel.

But, since you can’t really rely on taxi, trains and the likes to deliver you to where you intend to visit, you should try ridesharing. Now, you can save on travel expenses by traveling with people who are also traveling where you plan to go to. Before, people typically do carpooling since it is cost-effective, nature-friendly and highly practical and so many ways. Now, instant ridesharing also offers same benefits. But, with on-demand ridesharing, the use of apps and online payment are involved for more convenience. Now, with it, you can locate qualified drivers who are nearby and then ask them to take you to where you intend to reach. However, for you to make sure that you would only be riding with verified plus trustworthy drivers, you should try making use of the app that’s provided by a reliable transportation network company. Also, to save on carpooling expenses, find some discount codes and then look for uber promo code for existing users.

Recover From Cigarette Addiction

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A lot of people around the globe have become addicted to cigarette smoking and have also recovered from their compulsion so you can quit your bad habit if you really wanted to. Because many have successfully beaten their nicotine or tobacco dependence, it can be said that it’s possible for any individual to get his or her life back even though he or she may have abused cigarette smoking for quite a long time already. Even though not all methods may work for everyone, you should keep on trying to find out what is effective for you. Since there are many techniques to choose from, you should never lose hope. Although some approaches may be time-consuming and costly, getting off cigarette smoking is totally worth it because it’s something that can decrease your life span and make your living miserable. If you seriously want to overcome this bad habit, you should read on to get some useful information that you could really make use of.

An approach that you could immediately do is cold turkey. However, since this involves abrupt cessation, you should be very careful when you try it. To know whether or not this is suitable for you, it’s best that you should consult with a medical physician first. That’s because you may worsen health complications associated with tobacco cigarette use when you completely abstain from smoking right away. But, if you’re interested in something that can make you gradually cease your smoking habit, you could try utilizing a cigarette substitute. If you want an alternative, you could smoke using an electronic cigarette instead. When you use it, you could keep on doing what you’re inclined to do whilst you heal yourself at the same time. Take note that a conventional vapor cigarette produces purse mist instead of harmful smoke and it only has a little amount of nicotine in its e-juice. Using it could save your life and also help you save your financial resources at the same time. That’s because it’s the type of device that can be recharged. Likewise, to have more smoke, you simply have to purchase a cheap and affordable kind of solution that has sugar and a bit of nicotine in it. To avail of great e-cigarette offers, have a look at Jacvapour discount code.However, having this gadget isn’t enough if you really want to permanently get off smoking addiction.

As much as possible, you should also avoid areas where you could have access to packs of cigarettes and places where there are folks who are smoking. If you could, you should tell your family, friends and other loved ones that you’re undergoing therapy so that they would be able to support you. For you to prevent yourself from going to stores where there are cigarettes that are available, you could plan a route that you could take to avoid temptations. But, of course, to make the most of your smoking cessation strategies, you could also try to clean your house and remove cigarette butts plus lighters that have lying around.

Why Switch to Ting?

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Mobile devices like cellular phones, smart phones, tablets and the like are extremely popular devices today. Not only are they popular due to the entertainment and social functions that they offer; these mobile devices are all the rage nowadays due to the fact that they make communication extremely easy for people who are far away.

However, mobile devices by themselves cannot function as communication devices without the support of a mobile carrier that will be responsible for sending the signals to and from the mobile devices being used. In effect; the usability of your mobile device as a communication tool largely depends on how good your cellular carrier is.

In the US, there are lot of great mobile carriers available but the problem is that the popular and established ones charge quite the high prices for the services that they offer. It should be a good thing then that there is a strong demand for mobile carriers that offer great services at affordable prices, and that there are now more and more low cost networks that are emerging.

The problem with a majority of these carriers however is that while they get the price side of things right; the service side of things can be quite lacking. Common problems are a lack of network coverage, slow data rates, unreliable calls, delayed text messages and many more issues. These issues make switching to a low cost carrier really not ideal despite the low cost, as functionality will be greatly sacrificed.

Ting however is a much more affordable network that promises to change all of the problems that are associated with network carriers.

One reason why you will want to switch to Ting from your more established mobile phone carrier is the fact that you will actually save a lot of money from the switch. If you had to pay hundreds of dollars with your previous, mainstream carrier then with Ting, there is a possibility that you will not need to pay even half the amount that you used to, depending on how much you use the network’s services within a month’s time.

Considering the huge monetary savings that you will be having with the plan, you might expect that services will seriously take a hit, but it should surprise you to know that despite the affordable cost, Ting still offers great services. The network claims that wherever carriers like Verizon and Sprint have coverage; Ting will also have it and that a lot of users claim that this is indeed true. Also, a lot of Ting subscribers love the fact that the network also offers great support services as well, so should you have any technical problems relating to the mobile phone network; Ting should be able to help you out.

If you want to know more details about Ting and what user experiences are with the network then you will be happy to know that you can easily view Ting reviews on the internet. These reviews range from professional opinions and measured uses all the way to personal user feedback, which should enlighten you if Ting is indeed the network that you should be switching to.

Things to Know About Couponing

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According to statistics in the US, millions of individuals (majority are women) are obsessed with couponing. The reason is that they can save more money and they can buy the necessary things they need for their family at home. Well, majority of them may not have work so in their past time, they collect hundreds and possibly thousands of coupons just to exchange it at Macy’s to get Macys coupon codes or in other grocery stores near them. If in case you want to try couponing especially if you have your time to do so, you can always look for ways on how to find coupons which are valuable. Remember, coupons for some are also equal to money and this may be a fact since you can exchange 1 box of cereal if you have one coupon to exchange for it.

Consequently, where can you find these coupons? Well, it’s actually not that hard and as you are reading the facts here in this article, you can now start couponing by getting Macys coupon codes at Macy’s website. Remember, you can also search for other websites that offers such promotions so might as well take advantage of these promo codes since you can open up multiple tabs in your browser anyway.

Now, the trick in getting printable coupon codes online is to look for reputable websites that can provide you the coupon codes you are looking for. Remember sometimes, you have to be choosey when it comes to the coupon codes that are posted online since some of the products are not known to you but if you want to try it then why not since it will still save you some money. Take note, the latest news here is that you can now avail of ecoupon cards. These cards can be your access to different coupons such as Macys coupon codes. It would save you space in collecting coupon papers and at the same time it’s more convenient.

Magazines and newspapers are also sources of coupons. Simply prepare your scissors since there are so many coupons which you can cut at newspapers and magazines. To get more newspapers or magazines, you can subscribe or you can even ask some of your friends or relatives who would just simply throw these items in their trash cans.

While these are some of the tips on how you can get lots of coupons, you should also know that it can be quite time consuming. It may take you days, weeks or even months just to collect the coupons for your next purchase at your local grocery stores.

Also, you may tend to get addicted to couponing. It may be harsh for you but you have to be conscious enough in purchasing only the things that are needed. This is to avoid you from being obsessed to couponing and be considered as one of the hoarders.

Despite these facts, it is also a good thing for you to do couponing since it will save you money all along. Just make sure that you have the right knowledge on how you can collect the most valuable coupons. So act now before anybody does. Remember, time is precious when you are couponing.


Surviving your First Job: Tips on How to Save on Money

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So, you have just been accepted for a new job! Congrats! You are most probably the happiest person by that time and you are also filled with excitement about going to your work. However, more than the excitement, you might be also having jitters and qualms on this new journey you are about to start. For most people, one of the first things they are worried about would be with how it is possible to save money while they are working. Sure, you are earning bucks. But the problem is, the money you are earning will most likely be spent as well in your cost of living, as well as your night-outs with your friends. With that being said, the rest of this article will let you know some of the simple hacks you might not have given thought yet, but will surely prove to be effective in saving extra dollars.

Choose an Affordable Mobile Plan
If your mobile plan is eating up a big chunk of your budget, this is perhaps one of the most obvious indications that you need to give it up now and look for a viable alternative. Go online and view a Ting reviews to give you an idea on how this is the best way to have calls, texts, and mobile data at a price that is very affordable for you. Ting has recently garnered attention from the public because it is very promising in terms of gaining significant savings from your monthly phone bills.

Bring Food to Work
Whether you are still living with your parents or on your own, this is one of the best things you can keep in mind. You can bring what has been left from last night’s dinner. You can also consider preparing your own meal, such as a sandwich and bring it to work. In this way, you no longer have to spend on expensive foods in the canteen or in restaurants nearby your office. This will also provide you with the opportunity to eat healthier since you are preparing your own meal and you are sure about the ingredients that are used.

Consider Carpooling
Instead of bringing your own car to work, a better alternative would be to ask your officemate who lives nearby to give you a hitch. You can also ask your neighbors. If there is anyone from them who works near your office, you can consider asking for a carpool and just split the gas or give any amount as a sign of gratitude. This will not only help you save money on gas and parking, but will also help you do good for the environment.

Spend More Time in the Office
This one may not work for everyone, especially for those who easily feel being overworked. Nonetheless, as much as you can, spend more time in the office and avoid going out when it is unnecessary. If your friends ask you to have lunch at a restaurant nearby, tell them you have your food. Eat in the pantry and do office work to be more productive. You are not only going to save, but will also make a good impression as a hardworking employee.